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Speedfitness - just what you need

Our Speedfitness studio is to help you in achieving your fitness objectives.

We have professional, English speaking personal trainers with university degree (PE and Sport Sciences).

Speedfitness will change your life. To try it is to believe it, so call Krisztina now: +36 30 44 77 454

Would you like to know more about speedfitness? 

    1. What is speedfitness?

    2. Why is it good for you?
    3. How does it work?
    4. Prices




Speedfitness is the new generation of EMS Technology. EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. Speedfitness creates muscle contractions with alternating current of low intensity.
The electric impulses that reach the whole body result in intensive contractions that strengthen and build the muscles of the whole body while being gentle to the joints. This would be difficult to achieve with just doing concentration exercises and lifting weight.

A 20 minute training results enhanced calorie burning, weight loss, improved cellulite, improved endurance and stamina and with higher energy levels.  Nearly all the large muscle groups are simultaneous activated and trained on an individually dosed, targeted basis – even the hard-to-reach muscles on the waist and hips! Metabolic and enzyme activity is increased, and energy consumption rises. The musculature is built up, excessive fat is converted into energy and successfully reduced – an effect that continues for hours after the training! The results are visible: effective and sustained body contouring from the buildup of fat-free muscle mass with the simultaneous reduction of excessive body fat.

If you don’t like mob in the gyms, if you don’t have the time for daily workout, if you have back or neck pain – TopForma Speedfitness is what you need.

2. What is speedfitness good for?


  • Building up muscles, strengthening the entire body,
  • Improving endurance and fitness levels
  • Reducing cellulite and body fat, enhancing metabolism
  • Improving posture, training the muscles of the torso
  • Easing the symptoms of incontinence
  • Helping rehabilitation after injuries
  • Easing/getting rid of back and lumbar pain, minimal strain on tendons and joints
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Higher energy levels

All this – in just 2 x 20 min per week.

So if you want fast result, come and try it!

3. How does it work?

With Just 2 x 20 minutes training sessions weekly it is sufficient enough to achieve the result shaping your body and building up your muscles. You will feel the difference and others will notice it too. The electric impulses reach the main muscle groups and the deep muscles as well, during the training sessions.

The Speedfitness device is a bridge between rehabilitation, beauty & well-being and the world of fitness. During the training you will actively use 90% of your muscles. Speedfitness is the fastest way to fitness. With the training, based on the new generation of electric stimulation, you can achieve stronger and more intensive contractions rather than with the traditional training where you are only using certain muscles.
The process:

• Eat something (no low carb) 2-3 hours before the training
• Arrive 5-10 minutes earlier
• You don’t need to bring anything, we provide you with special clothes, towel, shower.
• You get an isotonic drink before the training.
• You put on the special training clothes
• The level of the electrostimulation on each muscle group is set according to your fitness level
• 20 minutes of speedfitness training (English speaking personal trainer)
• You drink a protein shake after the training
• You can shower and feel great about yourself


• epilepsy, heavy neurological diseases
• cardiac pacemaker, heavy blood circulation disorders, thrombosis
• pregnancy
• tumor diseases
• diabetes mellitus
• feverish illnesses
• hemophilia – heavy bleeding tendency
• metal implants
• skin intolerance, injuries, sunburn, burnings

4. Prices

(in HUF)

Trial training:                  3500

Trial training for 2:           6000

Your trial training is free in case of buying a 10x or 20x pass


Single training:               6000
Special clothes:             4500
Renting clothes:             500 HUF/occasion

TopForma Speedfitness Pass:
5x Pass:          26,000 HUF +1 extra occasion
8x Pass:          35,000 HUF 
10x Pass:        49,000 HUF +2 extra occasion
20x Pass:        90,000 HUF +4 extra occasion

Off peek Pass (1-2 p.m.), 10x:  38,000

Monthly pass (twice a week):   29,900

For special prices, discounts and offers call Krisztina: +36 30 44 77 454

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